Skymed is an app for people who live in rural areas so they can have better access to their prescriptions from the pharmacy. This is a service-type app that can be delivered to your home. Compared to previous delivery software that requires a human being to deliver, ours is an automatic pathfinding delivery through a drone that can reduce unnecessary contact during the COVID period.​​​​​​​
Team Members:
Puti Bao - Research/UX
Mahali Hernandez - Research/UI
Brooks Lane - UX/UI
Profile and Prescriptions 
Patients can see the directions for their prescriptions on the app and see their order history in their profile, so they can easily order the medicine they need next time.
Contact with Pharmacy 
Patients can easily communicate with their doctors about various issues through the app.
Track Package
When patients get their prescriptions online with the pharmacy, they can order the medication they need on Skymed and track their package.

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