Art Space is an engaging non-profit pop-up that brings art to kids in grades K-8 in communities where art education is inaccessible. Art Space is educationally based and focuses on teaching kids art while having fun at the same time. We also promote learning through online activities on our website.
Team Members:
Puti Bao - UX/UI
Mahali Hernandez - Research/UI
Mary Amaku - Research/UX
Registration requires information for both adults and children, including the child's food allergens. After successfully completing registration, people will have information about the time and location of the Art Space.
Learn More Information
For more information, click on Workshop at the top of the home page(or click on See Workshops), which will contain more information about the workshop and the curriculum that will be taught to each grade-level child.
Parents can click on the Gallery at the top of the homepage to search for their child's work and share it with their friends.
Get Art Supplies
Art Space offers free art supply packages that parents can request on the website and express delivery will be tracked via email.
Online Classes
If you don't have time to drive your child to Art Space, it doesn't matter. Parents can find all the art classes for their children on the homepage and there are videos for their children to follow along.
Art Space is a non-profit workshop, so we appreciate all donations that support Art Space. Donors can donate by clicking Donate at the top of the homepage.
Art Space also welcomes people to support the pop-up workshop by volunteering. Volunteers need to fill out a form with personal information, and no prior art experience is required.

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